Cast & Brand tattoo company is a place where you will only find the highest quality artwork. We pay close attention to every detail in our tattoos.  What we do differently in our industry is to provide an experience where your imagination is recreated through your tattoos. The tattoo artist and client relationship is valued and we want to take the time to create your ideal tattoo. We strive to listen and fulfill your every need.  All of our artists stay well informed about the tattoo industry to stay up to date with new ideas and innovations. There is always an aim for perfection with all artists by continuing to perfect their craft.

This is an amazing period for tattoos. There is an abundance of artwork you can spot everywhere you turn. But is there a time you remember someone’s artwork that blew you away? Was there a tattoo you cannot forget that stood apart from all others? That is the artwork we create at Cast & Brand. We want you to be enamored everyday by the artwork on your body. The concept of permanence is not taken lightly and we want you to be 100% satisfied with the quality of work you will be receiving. Our artists are skilled in many different styles of artwork so that we can fulfill anyone’s needs.

We urge to view the artwork not only for the aesthetics but also see how clean and precise each tattoo is executed. The precision will create longevity in the tattoos that will not distort over time. We see the importance in beauty and longevity to be hand in hand. We ask that when you search for your next artist, that you take careful attention to the quality of work. There are hundreds of artist in San Diego alone there are only a few that will take the time and attention to provide you an impressionable and lasting tattoo. You can find that here a Cast & Brand Tattoo Company.

What sets us apart is that our shop not only accepts walk ins but we also create lasting relationships with clients. As for our artists, we take a lot of time and research to develop tattoos of any scale. We give consultations with clients to communicate their ideas and the artists will take ample time to create a design you want. 100% client satisfaction is our mission.